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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit Patients

Some of Dr. Anderson's Pleasanton patients experience feelings of nervousness and anxiety when visiting his comfortable dental office. These patients have a fear of cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry treatments. They know they need to visit Dr. Anderson to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile, but they are unable to do so because of these intense feelings of anxiety and fear.

Sedation Dentist Dr. Anderson provides a safe solution to help these patients relax while getting the dental treatments they need. Sedation dentistry uses an oral sedative that is like a sleeping pill. The patient takes one sleeping pill before coming to the dental office and then another sleeping pill after arriving and being seated in a cozy dental chair.

Sedation Dentistry Benefits

Some patients feel a heightened level of anxiety when they only think about entering a dental office. The sleeping pill taken before coming into the dental office will help lessen the feelings of anxiety allowing patients to feel safe when they enter the office. Some patients require a second pill if their anxiety level is still high.

Patients feel relaxed and calm when they wake up following their dental treatments. They do not remember having the treatments or feel any anxiety. Their smiles are healthier because they were able to have the dental treatments they need to maintain their healthy, beautiful smiles.

Please contact Dr. Anderson’s sedation dentistry office serving patients in and around the Pleasanton, California area.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Often Should I have an Oral Cancer Screening?

The signs of oral cancer often go undiagnosed or unnoticed. The earliest signs of oral cancer are small white or red spots and mouth sores. Dr. Anderson is an experienced San Ramon family dentist who offers oral cancer screenings to his patients. Dr. Sean Anderson’s oral cancer screenings help detect the earliest signs of oral cancer before the cancer is untreatable.

How Often to Have Oral Cancer Screenings

Visiting your family dentist at least every six months for a checkup and cleaning helps keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Oral cancer screenings can be conducted at the same time as your routine checkups and is an integral part of keeping your entire body healthy.

Oral cancer can show itself anywhere in your mouth including:

  • Your tongue
  • Your cheeks
  • The roof of your mouth
  • Your throat

The early signs of oral cancer can show themselves at anytime. Having an oral cancer screening each time you have your routine checkup will ensure that the early stage of the cancer is noticed and treated. Dr. Anderson will examine your entire mouth and throat for any signs of oral cancer.

If you are in the San Ramon area, please contact Dr. Anderson to schedule your family dentistry appointment for your routine check up and oral cancer screening.

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