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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Headaches and TMD

Migraine-like headaches are one symptom of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). These headaches can be very intense and debilitating. Many doctors misdiagnose these headaches to be migraines and prescribe pain medications to help manage the discomfort. If you are suffering from migraine-like headaches and have other symptoms of TMD, you will want to visit neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Sean Anderson for a consultation in the Danville area.

Other symptoms of TMD include:

  • Face, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw
  • Grinding teeth
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Limited movement of the mouth
  • Ringing in the ears

TMD Headaches

TMD headaches are different than migraines. A migraine is usually vascular and the swelling of blood vessels in the head causes the pain. A TMD headache is a tension headache and is not caused by the swelling of blood vessels.

TMD is caused by the misalignment of your jaws and the Temporomandibular Joints. The misalignment causes the muscles on one side of your face to work harder than the other side creating tension and muscle exhaustion. This tension and muscle exhaustion causes very severe, painful, and debilitating headaches.

Pain medication can help you manage the pain, but will not cure your symptoms to stop the headaches from returning. Dr. Anderson will examine and properly align your jaws to eliminate the tension and TMD symptoms. It is best to have the cause of the headaches treated instead of only treating the pain. Treating the cause will help ensure that you will not be debilitated by painful TMD headaches.

Please contact Dr. Anderson for a TMD consultation if you are suffering migraine-like headaches in the Danville, California area.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Benefits of Tooth Colored vs. Metal Fillings

Fillings are a fact of life. No matter how thorough your daily oral hygiene routine, food and bacteria can find their way in between your teeth, hiding in crevices and along the gum line, and cause cavities.

When a tooth has a cavity, dental fillings become a necessary fix to stop the spread of the decay and save the remainder of the tooth. Preventing the spread of decay helps eliminate the need for more invasive dental procedures like dental implants and crowns.

Dental Bonding vs. Metal Filling

Dental fillings have come a long way over the years. Metal fillings are effective, but require a large portion of healthy tooth to be removed to accommodate their being packed into the cavity. In addition, they can be unsightly, they contain mercury, and they are susceptible to temperature changes that can cause them to expand and contract, resulting in a cracked tooth; they may then need further dental work.

In comparison, tooth colored fillings are not affected by temperature changes. They are comprised of resin and silicon dioxide, are very strong, and do not appear out of place in your mouth.

Before there was a choice in fillings, dentists used what resources were available to them to prevent the further spread of decay. Now, with dental advancements, you are able to choose what best suits your needs and meets your expectations.

If you live in San Ramon, Danville, or Livermore, California, and are in need of a filling, but have been dissatisfied with your options, please contact experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Sean Anderson for an initial consultation.

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