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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Replacing Metal Fillings

If you have metal fillings, you may notice how they draw attention to the dental work you had done. You may also notice that they dull and discolor your teeth's enamel. Pleasanton Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sean Anderson helps enhance his patient's smiles by replacing their metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings.

Replacing Metal Fillings

Dr. Anderson will examine your teeth and your current metal fillings. He will remove your metal fillings and make sure your tooth does not need any additional work done before placing the tooth-colored filling. Some teeth may need additional cosmetic dentistry procedures because metal fillings expand and contract causing stress that cracks the teeth.

The material used to fill the cavity is color matched to your natural teeth for a flawless end result. Dr. Anderson places the tooth-colored filling in several different layers. After each layer, a special light is used to harden the filling. Dr. Anderson will sculpt the filling after all the layers are placed in the cavity. The filling will look natural and match the shape and color of your tooth.

If you are interested in replacing your metal fillings and live in the Pleasonton, California area, please contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Anderson for a consultation about tooth-colored fillings.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why White Fillings?

Many dentists use mercury to fill cavities because it is cheaper than using tooth-colored fillings. Unfortunately, mercury fillings cause many problems and additional cosmetic dentistry treatments are needed. Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically pleasing and are just as strong, durable, and long lasting as mercury fillings. Tooth-colored fillings do not cause heath problems or lead to additional dental work.

Danville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Anderson
provides his patients with tooth-colored fillings because of the many advantages they offer. Tooth-colored fillings:

  • Are long-lasting
  • Can sustain the normal pressure of a bite
  • Hold up under normal wear and tear
  • Do not need any special care
  • Look and feel like your natural teeth's enamel

Drawbacks to Mercury Fillings

Mercury is known to cause major health problems such as:

  • Mental disorders
  • Asthma
  • Chest pains
  • Birth defects
  • Anemia

Small amounts of mercury used to fill a cavity may cause health problems over time. It is best to stay away from using mercury to fill cavities because of the risk of developing health problems.

Mercury can also cause other problems. Mercury has the tendency to discolor and dull the enamel of teeth. This leads to many patients wanting to have tooth whitening to reverse the dulling effect of their fillings. Along these same lines, mercury fillings are unsightly. They do not match the natural color of the teeth and this draws unneeded attention to fact that dental work was conducted.

Another major problem that mercury fillings cause is the undue stress they have on the teeth. Mercury expands and contracts with temperature. When you eat or drink anything hot or cold, your mercury fillings with change in size and shape. This puts stress on your teeth and may cause them to crack and need additional work done.

If you live in the Danville, California area, please contact our cosmetic dentist to schedule a consultation about your smile and white fillings.

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