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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quelling Dental Anxiety with Sedation

If you are a dental phobic, and your fears are keeping you from maintaining your teeth or improving your smile, I advise you to consider sedation. During sedation, time seems to fly—that’s a plus if you’re feeling anxious! You’ll probably also make fewer visits to your dentist because procedures that might generally require two or more visits can often be handled in just one visit. If your phobia centers on needles, never fear; intravenous sedation was the earliest form of dental sedation—now, oral and inhaled forms are also commonly used.

Sedation dentistry is probably right for you if:

• You’d rather not know what is happening during your dental procedure.
• You’ve explored non-medicated approaches with a dentist skilled at relaxation techniques, but they’re just not working.

Sedation dentistry is unlikely to be your solution if:

• You are terrified of dentists.
• Your fears center on feeling a loss of control while at the dentist.

If sedation is not your answer, don’t give up. Dentists use many techniques to reduce anxiety in fearful patients.

If you are in the San Ramon, California area and are seeking a skilled dentist competent in a variety of stress-reduction and sedation techniques, call 925-837-4486 to make an appointment with me, Dr. Sean Anderson. My caring team and I work hard to nurture patients through dental procedures with an approach that works for them.

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