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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headaches as a Result of Jaw Strain

With around 80% of headaches occurring from muscle tension, it’s no surprise that strained muscles caused by jaw misalignment actually cause a significant proportion of headaches. I help many of my patients’ headaches by correctly diagnosing and treating jaw misalignment.

Indicators that a headache may have dental origins include the following:
• Pain located behind the eyes
• Tender or weak jaw muscles in the morning
• Clicking or snapping of jaw joints
• Head and/or scalp sensitivity to touch

Specific dental issues that may lead to jaw strain are:

Tired bite - When you swallow, upper and lower teeth meet firmly. If your bite is misaligned, or you are missing a tooth, muscles work harder to bring the teeth together.

Referred Pain - This type of pain originates in the cheeks or jaw joints. Many times, however, the pain is "referred" to other areas of the head.

Muscle Imbalance - When neck and jaw muscles are tense from an unstable bite, they shorten. This strain that often leads to headache.

If you or a loved one suffers from headaches, I can help determine if the headaches are related to jaw strain. If you live in the San Ramon, California area or a surrounding area of San Ramon, please call 925-837-4486 to make an appointment with Dr. Sean Anderson today.

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